Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Collect your favorite images

Beautiful Lovely Girl
  Sometimes when you're browsing the web you find amazing images you want to save and show to your friends.
We Heart It lets you save these images, and helps you discover and share your inspiration with the world.

Organize the things you love

  Save your favorite images in sets and keep it all organized for when you need to find them again.
  You can have sets about anything: your fashion style, artists you admire, places you’d like to visit, ideas for a new haircut... Be creative!

funny dog and his sons Search your interests

  There are millions of images on We Heart It, added by people just like you. Search for the things you love and discover new images every day.

Follow your friends
  You can follow your friends, or even other users that share the same interests as you. By doing that, you can see in one place what they love and heart it too.

Now Go to We Heart It...then Heart my hearted photoes and Follow Me..

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