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NuWa is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven.
NuWa    Nuwa taxiing on earth, envy those beautiful structure of the Pangu body, her love of trees and flowers, but she more intoxicated with a more lively, more vibrant insects, fish, birds and animals. After they looked at the fan, Nuwa think the Pangu creation can not be considered complete, the intelligence of insects, fish, birds and animals far from being able to make her meet. She wanted to create a creature than any living thing must be excellent. So that there would have be able to dominate the life and management of all things, will not just the weeds Manshan, wild animals and flocks of birds into help, the world will not be lonely and desolate.

    So, when the female trouble taxiing along the Yellow River, bow saw his beautiful shadow, can not help but cheer up. She decided to use the mud on the riverbed to pinch the
clay figures according to their morphology. The Nuwa ingenuity, and pretty soon a lot of clay figurines pinch. These clay figurines are almost like her, but she gave them the legs with both hands to match, instead of the tail of the dragon. Nuwa breathe out toward those small clay figurines, those figurines will be perfusion vitality, "live" up into a group can walk upright, words will language, clever and smart little thing, Nuwa said they people. " Nuwa who injected some of yang - the elements of nature, an aggressive male, so they became man; while in some people, she injected chi - the nature of a submissive female prime, so they became a woman. These men and women of the people around Nuwa jumping, cheering, and has brought vitality to the earth.

    The Nuwa want people all over the vast earth, but she was tired, slow done. So she came up with a shortcut. She put a rope into the mud of the river bottom turning, until the lower end of the rope the whole child wrapped in a layer of soil. Then she filed a rope waved to the ground, where there are mud point landing place, those mud into a little person. The Nuwa so created the earth people.

    In order to make human unbroken, Nuwa for the human institution of marriage, so that men and women complement each other, to have children, so that humans can multiply continuous since.

    Goddess of the sons and daughters of the earth, happy life. However, the day eventuality wind to go. " A year, the water God work and Vulcan Vulcan fight of workers Vulcan defeated, he was so angry with the head against the ill-Hill in the West, the result will be this large column stays days brought down half the sky will collapse down heaven out of a huge hole, earth shocks much more liable to rupture. Fire broke out in the rip burning people's houses and crops. The flood swept over both sides of the underground water spewing out from the other slit, flooded the earth, where people's lives into a vast ocean.

    Nuwa with fear, looking at the hundreds of thousands of starving to death and drowned. She is determined to save her children, freed her sons and daughters disaster. The Nuwa slide into the Yellow River, selected many colorful stones, put them in furnaces to melt and fill the hole in the sky and then melted liquid. Nuwa constantly fill you fill Yeah, for nine days and nine nights later, the sky finally make up a good, clear up the earth, the horizon colored clouds. Once the storm Caixia, is the Nuwa with multicolored stones Make it.

    Day meeting, the sky more brilliant and gorgeous than before, Nuwa pleased smile. However, she is still not assured, and from the East China Sea catch and a million years of giant tortoises, Zhanxia quadruped them as Optimus Prime, were erected at the four corners of the earth, and support to live in the four quarters of the heavens and the earth. Then, the The great benevolent mother, again reeds Jia incinerate filled in the ground flood pan-flow gully. In this way people Sang in to live and work life, human beings finally get rid of the catastrophe, the earth appeared peaceful and joyful atmosphere, people are happier life.

    Nuwa created mankind, and they have been known as the human ancestor - "Nvwaniangniang"; hard to pay her for the happiness of the people she has created, efforts forward, therefore, her name was later enshrined in mind.

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