Monday, January 21, 2013

Android on PC--BlueStacks

If the past decade, the PC era, the next decade should be called the cell phone era Android phone is very prosperous, and the application of the above are also more and more rich, and sometimes even the Windows computer users also jealous of the software on the phoneor game are particularly delicate interesting, such as the popular fruit Ninja, angry Birds, Instagram, sometimes I wish I could on the computer can play them.

  In fact, this wish has been realized! BlueStacks App Player (application player) is an Android emulator on the PC, it allows you to run directly on a PC using the Android software, games. In today's mobile applications are everywhere, with it, your computer will add unlimited fun! Equivalent, you free a quite powerful Andrews, although it is not a tablet of wood with a touch screen, but the practicality is still very strong ...

  The BlueStacks let Android applications run successfully on a Windows PC initiative, is of great significance for many people. BlueStacks allows you to play in the Windows system the various Android APP application, compared to the official Google Android SDK simulator developed for non-programmers to ordinary users, BlueStack even more easy-to-use. If you do not have Android phone, than ever before can more easily come into contact with a variety of fun novelty applications, look at the Android software in the end is to look like; If you Android users, you can download the software / game before you can try its effect on the computer how; If you're a developer; If you're a developer, it can be used to solve some problems encountered in the actual development.
Instagram on BlueStacks
  BlueStacks to use already feel more mature. Support for Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, It is said that the new version also has support for Windows8, but I personally have not been tested. BlueStacks supports multiple languages ​​including simplified Chinese support for inertial acceleration (equal to the real finger touch) with the mouse, and also pre-installed Fruit Ninja, Doodle cut the homes, Evernote, and other well-known game or application, allows you to play the in the end. Of course, inside it there are some App Store, you can download more fun stuff.
  The BlueStacks of emergence so more people exposed to the wonderful world of Android, Android application developers can also allow access to more potential users, after all, the number of PC users groups can not be overlooked. BlueStacks development is good, this also means that the Android market further magnify the war of the smartphone platform field should have a certain degree of role.

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