Monday, January 14, 2013

Differences Between Twitter and Facebook

Are you a Facebook marketing master? If this is the case, then this may be bad news. For Twitter, you know a lot of things are wrong.

Differences Between Twitter and Facebook        Social media Interactive Buddy Media recently completed a study conducted for the Twitter platform 320 brands - such as Coca-Cola, American Eagle, Microsoft, and Nike Fortune 1000 companies - to understand what factors can largest user participation, and what factors can not. The following is the specific details of the report:

       1  Twitter users are more inclined to post during the day

       One of the report's most surprising finding is: user the best participation time on Twitter opposite its best Facebook participation time.

       "This is an interesting phenomenon." Buddy Media Communications vice president Ciarallo said. "On Facebook, after working hours during non-peak time, user participation will be higher on Twitter, user participation in the working hours will be higher."

Differences Between Twitter and Facebook       When asked about the reasons for this phenomenon, Ciarallo speculated for some users, Facebook is a leisure activity; Twitter more Concerned about the work: to track them on Twitter News for breaking news or information.

"However, the best time for different industries and different." Ciarallo warned. "For example, a fashion brand in the Saturday and Sunday Post no other brands released, but their participation is higher."

       2  keep the posts short

       While some people think that 140 characters is quite short, Buddy Media found another thing is, the shorter posts, often the most successful.

"The number of characters is less than 100 posts, their participation than other posts higher than 17%." Ciarallo said. "Their approach is to leave space for others to add their own ideas and suggestions forwarded.
Differences Between Twitter and Facebook
       3  including the link in the post

       Twitter marketing staff must include a link in their post. Posts with links to its participation to 86% higher and there is a clear difference with Facebook on Facebook, the link will be counterproductive.

       Note, however, that although research for Fortune 1000 companies, but there are still a lot of link errors.

"Links the most important thing, obviously, is to ensure the validity of the link." Ciarallo said. Most of the link failure is only a few minor bugs, for example, not to stay on in the post spaces cause the connection to fail.

      4  Do not overdose Post

       Between communities are different. "Ciarallo said," This is aggregated data ... one to four posts per day is normal, but if over 20, you may see a negative participation. "

In other words, excessive release will damage your brand: The followers may cancel the concern or followers might just take a look at, not posts on Twitter or important information Fun with the mother.

       5  using the image

       The report somewhat surprising result is one of the posts in the image on the user participation is a huge driving force. Should say, at this point, Twitter did not deviate from the Facebook marketing. Because the image is also strong participation Facebook factor.

       But surprisingly in Twitter picture does not appear by default, also requires an extra click. And third-party Twitter applications or Twitter mobile applications, the picture is even more difficult to see.

"When you see these links, you will know that this is a picture, and people want to see them." Ciarallo said.

       6  the request is forwarded

       "If you want to improve participation, you should invite users to share your content." Ciarallo said.

       As long as it is less frequent, occasionally forwarding is a good social media marketing.

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