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Pan Gu Creates the World

Pan Gu
Pan Gu Creates the World

The beginning of all things, an egg contains the whole universe. The egg is a chaotic, dark, heaven and earth, the moon and stars, but no human survival. However, in this chaotic darkness, but gave birth to create the world of Pangu.

    Pangu bred adult in a giant egg, sleep eighteen thousand years, and did not wake up. At this time, he discovered that he is living in the dark chaos of large egg, heart Bie Mende Huang, covered like a rope bondage hard, they can not see the silver lining, so he was determined to stretch your muscles and joints, pierce the large eggs.

    The Pangu arms stretched forth his legs Yi Deng, large eggs stays broken. However, his eyes wide open to see, up and down, in all directions, and still be in the dark, chaos is difficult to distinguish. Pangu anxious, picked up a fist smashing, lifted his foot to kick. Pangu's arm and legs, and thick, like iron. He kicked a dozen Yeah, the combination of eighteen thousand years of chaotic darkness are kicking played splinters tamper. The Pangu three sloshing, sloshing, tightly wrapped Pangu chaotic darkness, slowly separated. Light part of the Qing (yang) will fluttering gently rising into a blue sky; heavier part of the (female) settlement, gradually into the earth.

Taoism symbol    The world of a separate, Pangu feel more comfortable. He was a long way through the breath, to stand up, however, the day was heavy pressure in his head. He realized that the days if not rise high altitude, then the ground will never be the presence of life. So he sat down to contemplative, how to solve this problem. Finally, he concluded that he is the only day boosting the world living beings in order to multiply and survive. So, Pangu on the other hand stays days pedal the efforts not days pressed to the ground. Day after day, year after year, time the passed eighteen thousand Millennium. This is the middle of the Pangu eat just floated into the fog of his mouth, he never sleeps. He can with his elbow propped on, and fell on his knees rest, because he must make every effort toward the sky with both hands the day, finally, Pangu body straight, raise your hands to the sky up care, he body day ten feet long, heaven and earth for even a single day left ten feet day rise higher, Pangu's body becomes long. Heaven and earth he softened thousands of miles, he grew up and became a high nine miles giant.

    Days finally high position at the top of the earth, Pangu was very tired. He looks up at the hands above the day went on looking down at the foot of the deep earth. He concluded that the already considerable distance between heaven and earth, he can lie down and rest, and do not have to worry about the sky would fall crushed earth.

    So Pangu lie down the body, and fell asleep. He died in sleeping. Pangu is exhausted, he was an epoch-making, run out of hard work, sweat shed. In his sleep, he was thinking about: light blue sky, the earth not to have made a sun and moon in the heavens and the earth mountains, human things. But he has become tired, and then can not personally made these. Finally, he thought: my body left this world.

    So, Pangu body has the shape of the universe, as well as with the substance in the universe.

    Pangu's head becomes Dongshan, his feet into a Xishan, his body becomes Zhongshan, his left arm into the Nanshan, his right arm into the Beishan. The five sacred mountains to determine the four corners of the earth and the center of the square. They are like a huge stone pillars standing on the same earth, each supporting the day of the iceberg.

    The Pangu's left eye, becomes round and big, bright sun, hanging the sky day and night to bring warmth to the earth; right eye into a bare moon to earth lighting. His eyes open when monthly child is round, in the twinkling of an eye, it became Crescent Moon.

    His hair and eyebrows, and become stars in the sky, bathed in the blue sky, accompanied by the moon walk, followed by a moon line.

    His mouth exhaled gas into a spring breeze, clouds, making things grow. His voice became Thunder Lightning. His muscles into the soil of the earth, the tendons becomes a road. His hand, foot and limbs, into the mountains and little hills, bones, teeth become gold, silver and bronze iron, jade treasures buried underground. His blood into a rolling rivers of sweat into rain and dew. His hairs into flowers and trees; his elves, become the fish, animals.

     From then on, the sky with moon and stars, have mountains and trees, insects, fish, birds and animals on the ground, between heaven and earth, from the world.

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